Non members: 

$29 for 50 CLAYS + 4 BONUS for broken birds. 

(58 cents per clay, plus a bonus we throw in due to occasional broken clays so it will only charge 54 cents)


47 cents per clay, plus a bonus (so it will only charge 44 cents)

Membership: $100 per year (includes your own card!)

Shells: Starting at $10.99 for 12/20 ga club target loads ($9.99 for members). $11.99 and up for more premium loads. 16/28 Gauge & 410 bore available for a little extra. Low recoil ammo also available. If you bring your own shells you must bring 7 1/2, 8, or 9 shot lead target loads or 7 steel.

Most places charge more for ammo and we have it available on site for purchase. We are trying our best to keep our ammo as affordable as possible to encourage people to come out and shoot clays. 

Wobble Trap: 40 cents per clay for non-members, 36 cents for members 

Gun Rental : Most are $10, a few are $15 or $20. 

Safety glasses: $2+ Earplugs: $.50-$1

You can come with everything or nothing and we can accommodate you!